Gasoline generator


An generator is the combination of an electrical generator and an engine mounted together to form a single piece of equipment. A gasoline generator, also called gasoline generator, which use gas as the fuel to generate electrical power.

Engine - generators are available in a wide range of power ratings. These include small, hand-potable units that can supply several hundred watts of power, hand-cart mounted units that supply several thousand watts and stationary or trailer-mounted units that supply over a million watts.

Regardless of the size, generators may run on gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane, bio-diesel, water, sewage gas or hydrogen. Most of the smaller units are built ti use gasoline(petrol) as a fuel , and large ones have various fuel types, including diesel, natural gas and propane(liquid or gas). Some Engines may also operate on diesel and gas simultaneously, bi-fuel operation.

Engine generators are used to provide electrical power in areas where utility(central station) electricity is unavailable or where electricity is only needed temporarily. Small generators are sometimes used to provide electricity to power tools at construction sites. Trailer-mounted generators supply temporary installation of lighting, sound amplification systems, amusement rides, etc.

Gasoline generator and diesel generators are also used for emergency or backup where either a redundant system is required or no generator is on-site. To make the hookup faster and safer, a tie-in-panel is frequently installed near the building switchgear that contains connectors as camlocks

PB series gasoline generator is made of Q235 welded pipes and fully automatic robot welding, beautiful welding spot, effective protection of the unit, meet the requirements of different operating environment to ensure the use of drag, pull, push fall, pressure... the frames are not deformed.

These types of generator fuel tank are all made of ST14 material, which can bear up to 100kg without deformation through CAE finite element analysis. All control buttons are integrated on one panel, clear and easy to operate. Combined with graphic operation instruction and warning signs, a new user can operate easily.

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