Walking tractor


Walking tractor, also named two-wheel tractor, is a single -axle tractor, which is a tractor with one axle, self-powered and self-propelled.

It can pull ans power various farm implements such as a trailer, cultivator or harrow, a plough, or various seeders and harvesters. The operator usually walks behind it or rides the implements being towed.


A two-wheeled tractor specializes in pulling any of numerous types of implements, whereas rotary tillers specialize in soil tillage with their dedicated digging tools.

For production agriculture, past and present, two-wheel tractors accept a wide range of implements, such as the following: for soil-working, rototillers, moldboard plows, disc-plows, rotary plows, root/tuber harvesting plows, small subsoiler plows, powered and non-powered harrows, seeders, transplanters, and planters. In plant protection and weed control, two-wheel tractor implements consist of various inter-cultivators and sprayers.


For harvesting, available implements are forage,Sickle bar mowers, disk mowers, hayrakes, hay tedders, haybales and bale wrappers. For grain harvest: reaper/grain harvesters, reaper-binders, and even combine harvesters are available.

For transport, trailers with capacities from 0.5~5 plus ton cargoes are available. General mowing implements consist of lawn mowers, brush mowers, and flail mowers. For snow removal, implements consist of snowblowers, power sweepers, and/dozer blades. Other implements include: chipper/shredders, log splitters, electrical generators, pressure washer, execute practically all of the chores done by larger 4-wheel tractors, with the exception of items like front-loaders, which obviously have the physical stability requirements of a 4-wheel(two-axle) tractor.


For small farmers and gardeners, two-wheel tractors provide advantages over cheap. Single purpose light duty garden rotary tillers. While more expensive than machines, genuine walking tractors can perform a multitude of tasks and maintained property will last a lifetime.

Walking Tractor is of dual-function type that can be used as a means of traction as well as drive. It is very suitable for use in paddy fields, dry fields, orchards, vegetable gardens and hilly land with a little inclination.

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