F3000 Tipper

F3000 tipper of this series has been an example and an icon of SHACMAN, bringing both comfort and power under the same roof. Making no compromises, it is truly a force to be reckoned within the heavy-duty truck industry.

The F3000 series  tipper with high and advanced performance,

The expectations and demands are on the raise and the F3000 series tipper is the solution. With many configurations available to choose; from the standard tipper or trailer trucks to highly specialized vehicles for that tough job, the F3000 has you covered.


■ Cummins core power upgrade, FAST twin center shaft structure gearbox, HanDe high ratio single stage axle, vehicle power increased by 20%, Cummins ISM engine
■ High performance: Improved muffler, improved ground clearance, new exhaust system layout, lowest center of gravity, new stabilizing technology
■ Military grade chassis, reinforced driver cab, upgraded oil bath type air filter, strengthened transmission shaft, improved cab front suspension, new front axle stabilizer bar and muffler, imported cab turning shaft, off road racing quality cab damping spring
■ Mature power delivery system, increased overall efficiency, higher uptime, lower maintenance cost

F3000 is designed with an improved driver’s cab utilizing advanced technologies Spacious, comfortable and safe, the F3000 cab will bring a peace of mind to the driver on the job.


Model F3000 Tipper
Vehicle model SX3255DR384R
Drive 6X4
Max weight ≤50T
Economic speed/Max speed 40~55/80km/h
Cab Type F3000 Mid-Lengthened Flat Roof
Equipments Hydraulic main seat
Four point hydraulic cab suspension
Front and rear lights protective grille
Radio with MP3 player
Optional with air conditioning
Powertrain Engine WP10.340E22
Emission standard Euro Ⅱ
Displacement 9.726L
Rated Output 250KW/2200rpm
Transmission 10JSD180+QH50
Clutch ψ430
Chassis Frame 850×300(8+7)mm
Front axle MAN9.5T
Rear axle 16T MAN reduction5.92
Tire 12.00R20 with Radial tyre
Suspension Muti leafspring front and rear+4 U-bolts
Battery 165Ah
Fuel Diesel
Capacity of the fuel tank 380L(Iron)
Bumper Steel
Cargo 5600mm×2300mm×1500mm,front lifting,Bottom 8 sides 6,(Can be adjust)