CAMCO Participates at University of Zambia Confucius Institute 2021 Job Exposition, Mr. Li Tie, Camco Group Managing Director & Chairman, Delivered the Key Note Speech


The University of Zambia Confucius Institute held the 2021 Job Exposition for Chinese companies on 27th October 2021 at which the Chairman and Managing Director Mr Li Tie was the invited Guests of Honour along with the Acting Dean of Students Mrs Grace Tembo. Other dignitaries included the Director, Confucius Institute Dr. Sande Ngalande, the Deputy Director, Confucius Institute Dr. Li Gang, University of Zambia members of staff and graduating students.

Mr. Li Tie, Camco Group Managing Director & Chairman, delivered the Key Note Speech as the representative of Chinese enterprises as well as Guest of Honour. Mr. Li Tie praised the Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia for its continued effort to promote cultural exchanges between China and Zambia and promote the employment of local students in Zambia. Mr. Li Tie also expressed high hopes for the graduates of the University of Zambia, shared life experience with the students to encourage them to handle and manage the culture conflicts harmoniously and achieve their dreams. Mr. Li Tie suggested that Chinese companies hire more local talents and provide them with employment opportunities. In terms of personnel training, CAMCO Group actively supports local government and attaches importance to the training of technical and managerial skills. In 2021, the CAMCO College was established to train more talents in Zambia.

(Mr. Li Tie, Chairman of CAMCO Group delivers a speech)

The Director of Confucius Institute Dr. Sande Ngalande, said that Job Exposition has created a platform for Chinese companies and graduates, giving more opportunities between companies and potential employees. Dr Ngalande said “Since its establishment, the University of Zambia Confucius Institute has been committed to promoting cultural exchanges and development between China and Zambia and reduce the impacts of language barriers in economic and trade development”. Dr. Sande Ngalande disclosed the achievements of Chinese language teaching in Zambia. Dr Ngalande said Chinese language has been included into the national education system of Zambia, and examinations will be organized by the state. “With the increase of investment from Chinese companies in Zambia many employment opportunities have been created, and the development of Chinese teaching has promoted the flow of technology and talents” Dr Ngalande said in conclusion.

(The Director of Confucius Institute Dr. Sande Ngalande, delivered a speech)

Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia (CIUNZA), under the leadership of Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban, was founded on 26th July, 2010 and is jointly run between Hebei University of Economics and Business and the University of Zambia. For the past eight years, tens of thousands of Zambian students have studied Chinese at the Confucius Institute and its teaching sites. The Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia aims at teaching Chinese to spread Chinese culture. It has influenced many people in communities of Zambia by teaching Chinese in universities, middle schools and primary schools across the country, with the help of radio, television, and the Internet.

The Job Exposition was held amid Covid-19 pandemic, with the theme of exploring Creating Synergies between Potential Employers & Prospective Employees in the Covid-19 Era, to integrate industry, study and practice together between the university and Chinese companies. The exposition actively followed the current new government to create more employment opportunities for young people and provide Zambian students with more and better employment opportunities. The exposition was also aimed at establishing a good image of Chinese companies in Zambia, giving more chances for talents to work in Chinese companies, thus enhance the popularity and reputation of Chinese companies in Zambia. The CAMCO stand attracted over five hundred students and was characterized by a long queue with students eagerly waiting to be attended to.

(In front of the stand of CAMCO, students are waiting in a long line to consult and submit their resumes)

(The Director of Confucius Institute Dr. Sande Ngalande, and the Deputy Director, Confucius Institute Dr. Li Gang accompanied the chairman of CAMCO Group, Mr. Li Tie, and the Acting Dean of Students, University of Zambia, Mrs. Grace Tembo and Camco Group Director HR and Administration Mr. George Mulenga to visit the recruitment stands of companies)

(A group photo of company representatives and school representatives)