CAMCO Group Chairman Mr. Li Tie Participated and Delivered a Speech in the 2021“Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation and Development on Agricultural Modernization


2021 “Belt and Road” forum for International Cooperation and Development on Agricultural Modernization was held in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province from 3rd to 4th December 2021. As Vice Chairman of the unit for International Cooperation Alliance on Agricultural Equipment (ICAAE), Camco Group Chairman Mr. Li Tie and General Manager Mr. Liu Yongqin of Camco Machinery & Equipment (Shandong) Ltd. were invited to participate in the forum as company representatives.

The theme of the forum was the challenges and strategies for the sustainable development of international cooperation in the post-epidemic era with online and offline activities. The forum was organized by the China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation (CAPIAC) and Jiangsu University and supported by ICAAE and CAPIAC “Belt and Road” agricultural development center.

(Mr. Yan Xiaohong, Chairman of the Alliance and President of Jiangsu University delivering speech)

Jiangsu University President Yan Xiaohong pointed out that colleges and universities should increase scientific and technological innovation, bring together high-quality resources, riding on the platform of “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Alliance on Agricultural Equipment, to enhance cooperation with enterprises on talent training and technological power and promote the development of countries along “Belt and Road”. Mr Yan Xiaohong disclosed that since 2018, Jiangsu University has continued to hold the “Belt and Road” forum for International Cooperation and Development on Agricultural Modernization to promote the steady development of “Belt and Road” agricultural international cooperation.

(Mr. Li Tie, Chairman of CAMCO Group delivering a speech)

Mr. Li Tie, the President of Zambia Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification of China, visiting professor of Jiangsu University, and chairman of CAMCO Group, delivered a speech titled “Opportunities in Africa for Young Chinese and Right Time for Young Africans” at China-Africa Youth Service Forum. Mr. Li Tie analyzed the new development opportunities brought to the youth by the Forum on China–Africa Cooperation. He introduced the development status and trends of the Chinese companies in Africa, and explained advantages and challenges faced by the Chinese companies for investments in Africa, as well as the opportunities in the field of traditional industry and new technologies. He encouraged international students to use their mutual understanding of China and Africa, to actively join in the frontier of technological development, and increase the vitality and motivation of cooperation between China and Africa.

(GM Camco Machinery & Equipment (Shandong) Ltd. Liu Yongqin <second from right> participating in the round table on sustainable development )

CAMCO Group, World Group and other leaders of agricultural equipment attended the forum with representatives from the United Nations, International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission, Pakistan, Nepal, Jordan, etc. Under post-epidemic era, the discussion was centered on talent development, the challenges and opportunities faced by overseas companies of agricultural equipment and strategies being employed.

(Camco Machinery& Equipment (Shandong) Ltd. Mr. Liu Yongqin GM <right> participated in the launching ceremony)

(Camco Machinery & Equipment (Shandong) Ltd. Liu Yongqin GM participated in Meeting of Chairman of the International Agricultural Equipment (Capacity) Cooperation Alliance (Second from the left)

Mr. Liu Yongqin Camco Machinery & Equipment (Shandong) Ltd. participated in the meeting of directors of the International Cooperation Alliance on Agricultural Equipment on behalf of CAMCO Group and delivered a speech. Mr. Liu introduced that CAMCO College provides theoretical and practical skills training for local young people. CAMCO Group actively cooperated with Jiangsu University to establish agricultural machinery training and practice base of Jiangsu University in Zambia and held the fourth online training course. Mr. Liu Yongqin shared the latest Zambia agricultural development policy and made suggestions on the work of the alliance.

The forum was well organized and presented a rare opportunity to share ideas and experiences.