CAMCO Group Hold the 2021 Employee Of The Year Award Ceremony


On January 29th, the ceremony of 2021 Employee Of The Year Award was held in the showroom at CAMCO (Zambia). Mr. Li Tie, Chairman of the Group, delivered a keynote speech entitled Focus on Service and Products, Together for a Better Future. Ms. Han Jing, Deputy Group Managing Director of the Group delivered a speech too. The meeting was held both online and offline. The management and employees of CAMCO Equipment (Malawi), CAMCO Equipment (Cameroon), CAMCO Equipment (Kenya), CAMCO Equipment (Tanzania), and CAMCO (Shandong) attended the meeting.

Mr. Li Tie, shared the achievements despite a challenging 2021 and highlighted the plan for the year ahead. Mr Li disclosed that in the past year, facing the huge impact of the pandemic on enterprises and the local economy and society at large, the group still created breakthroughs in development. He said that, Camco Zambia and Camco Cameroon made new record high historical sales. “During the year 2021 Camco College was established to provide continued training for talents and increase employment; the establishment of Camco Tanzania, has seen the expansion of the group business to five countries, serving close to 200 million people” Mr Li said. Mr Li disclosed that the Camco Motor was established and the company is fully entering the automobile field; CAMCO Jewelry has its showroom in Shanghai Hong Kong Plaza in CBD of Shanghai, and registered the ISHI MIRA brand in China, Germany and Hong Kong, and officially start the jewelry business. He went on to emphasize that the development of new regions and new businesses will lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the group in the future. He added on by saying that “under the serious threat of pandemic, the group headquarters and the General Managers of each company continued to pay more attention to the prevention and control of the Covid-19 in 2021”. In conclusion Mr Li said in 2022, the group will continue to focus on both operation and pandemic prevention, and organize daily operation and management work well under Covid-19 prevention. “Providing good service and products is still the major work of operations” Mr Li stressed.

Ms. Han Jing, Deputy Group Managing Director of CAMCO Group delivered a speech, thanking all employees for their hard work and diligence and giving congratulations to outstanding employees who were to receive the awards. She said the group had set up 17 awards and selected 34 outstanding employees and teams. “It is hoped that more and more local and expatriate employees will grow together with the company in the future to become the backbone of the company” Madam Han Jing said. She went on to say that at the new starting point in 2022, CAMCO Group will continue to take the corporate development vision of "becoming an excellent company respected by the people" as its mission to achieve more success.

The ceremony was attended by all employees across Africa and Asia operations and saw 34 employees walk away with certificates of recognition and cash.