Topper Mower

Mower is a kind machine for mowing the lawn vegetation such as lawn or plant. By using the mower, the working time of the workers is saved and a lot of human resource is reduced greatly.



– Perfect for use when presentation is essential;
– Ideal for work around golf courses, sporting fields, parklands, camping grounds, schools, homesteads and roadsides;
– Rear discharge for normal use or side discharge option for use in areas where the cuttings need to be thrown clear- like under orchards.


– Rear or side discharge options;
– 4 independent height adjustable castor wheels allow the mower to contour over uneven surfaces to provide an even finish;
– 1-3 high strength cutting blades for a more precision finish;
– floating top hitch to increase surface contouring.

Technical Specifications

Model TMS-120 FM-150 FM-180
Working width(cm) 120 (48’’) 150(60’’) 180(72’’)
Dimension(mm)(L*W*H) 1330×860×480 1640×995*×480 1930×1180×480
Cutting height(mm) 25-100(1’’-4’’) 25-100(1’’-4’’) 25-100(1’’-4’’)
Number of blade 3 3 3
Power-output shaft( mm) 6×6×900 6×6×900 6×6×900
Total weight(kg) 195 215 265
Power required(hp) 15-30 25-50 40-70