TD series Wheeled Tractor

  • Dynamic and fashionable Appearance
  • Enclosed mudguard and rear wall inner trims
  • Saloon-car air conditioner
  • Human-orientated arrangement
  • Rear lamp with technological feeling
  • Adjustable steering wheel



Cab: Standard configuration safety shelf and cab with EC and OECD certifications, and compatible configurations are third generation car body with European design, fully-wrapped interior, steering wheel adjustable fore and aft, car air conditioning system and Grammer seat which fully improve manipulation comfort.

Gearbox: Standard configuration:16F+8Rsyncro shift, options: 8F+8R, 16F+8R shuttleshift and 16F+8R creeper shift.16F+8R main speed synchronized gears shift which are reliable, energy saving and comfortable.

Fuel tank: Standard configuration main and auxiliary double fuel tanks have the capacity of up to 145L.

Lifting system: The standard configuration is location independently adjusting lifter. Power lifter is for option whose maximum lifting force may reach up to 4500kg.

Instrument cluster: Adoption of new U.S.A ACTUANT instrument cluster gives advantages of high sealing performance and multi-information integrated display.

Engine: Lovol 4-cylinderin-line engine inherits the excellent technology of Perkins engine and adopts turbo-charging system, so it has reliable performance and strong power.


Model Unit TD754 TD824 TD904 TD954 TD1004
Rated Engine Power
ISO TR14396-ECE R120
hp/kW 75/55.1 82/60.3 90/66.2 95/69.9 100/73.5
Type 4 cylinders diesel
Rated Engine Speed rpm 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200
Max. Torque ISO TR14396 Nm >263 >288 >350 >360 >380
Rated PTO Power kW 46.7 51.3 56.3 59.5 62.5
Displacement ltr 4 4 4 4 4
Fuel Tank Capacity ltr 145
Dry Dual Clutch (Ceramic disk) in. 12 12 12 12 12
8F+4R   Collar Shift
8F+8R   Shuttle Shift
16F+8R Shuttle shift
16F+8R Creeper Shift
16F+8R Synchro Shift
Speed Range km/h 8F+4R  Collar Shift:   Forward(2.2~33.3)/ Reverse(3.0-10.3);
8F+8R  Shuttle Shift: Forward(0.2~33.3)/ Reverse(2.2-33.2);
16F+8R Shuttle shift: Forward(1.5~32.2)/ Reverse(2.3-33.2);
16F+8R Creeper Shift: Forward(0.4~33.3)/ Reverse(0.6-10.3);
16F+8R Synchro Shift: Forward(1.7~33.3)/ Reverse(2.4-21.4)。
Differential Lock
Power Take-Off 540/1000 rpm
Power Take-Off 760/1000 rpm
Power Take-Off 540/760 rpm
Type Wet disc, Static hydraulic control
Parking Brake Independent Hand Brake
Air Trailer Brake
Front Axle
4WD Front Axle
2WD Front Axle
Steering Angle ° 30 30 30 30 30
Turning Radius Without Brake m 4WD:4.2±0.3,2WD:4.9±0.3
Turning Radius With One Side Brake m 4WD:3.6±0.2,2WD:4.0±0.2
Hydraulic Power Lift
Type  Combined Control on Force and Position, Floating Control
Cat. 2 Three Point Hitch
Hydraulic  Flow l/min 33/41(powerful lifter)
Lift Capacity at Lift Point kg Semi-separated:≥2500
Lift Capacity at 610mm behind Hitch Point kg Semi-separated:≥1500
No. of Remote Valves 2 2 2 2 2
Cab and Driving Seat
Full-view Cab
Air Conditioning
Suspended Platform
Tires and Weights
Front Tires Standard 11.2-24
Optional 12.4-24/13.6-24/12.4R24
Rear Tires Standard 16.9-34
Optional 18.4-30/18.4-34/13.6-38/13.6-38(paddy land tires)/18.4R30
Structure Weight(ROPS )* kg 3615 3615 3615 3615 3615
Structure Weight(Cab )* kg 3915 3915 3915 3915 3915
Key:  ●  Standard  ○  Optional  *  Tractor Dry Mass