Small Rice Husk Combined Rice Mill Machine Polishing

Rice milling machine

Small Rice Husk Combined Rice Mill Machine Polishing Rice Flour Milling Machinery for Home Use

They can be used for rice, wheat, corn, and coffee bean.

It is easy to operate with less power consumption and high productivity.


The combined rice mill machine is to remove the husk of paddy rice and makes it white rice, which is good for people’s health. No food additives and other things bad for people, we can enjoy reassuring rice. For grinding function, it can grind many granular crops and spices into a fine and even powder, such as wheat, corn/maize, beans, turmeric, black pepper, etc. There are also many sizes of a screen for making powder, just as you need.


Model 6N-40S 6N-40S1 6N40S-9FC21 6N40S-9FC22
Applicable crops Rice, wheat,corn and coffee bean
Productivity(kg/h) 150-180 150-180 150-180 150-180
Motor power 2.5 2.5 3 3
Rated voltage 380v 380V 380V 380V
Weight (kg) 27 53 45.5 45.5
Dimension(mm) 450*320*570 580*340*810 670*320*560 670*320*560