SG series Grader

SG series Grader has been internally developed, based on the most advanced foreign technologies. The working devices employ external gears with high torque transference and a linked swing frame for easy operation. With a large cutting angle on the cutting edges and a strong resistance to external shocks, the working devices are capable of handling high workloads and can operate under the harshest of working conditions.


1.The engine features reliable performances with high efficiency and energy-saving..

2.The 6-speed electronically controlled shift hydraulic transmission with ZF technology features reasonable speed ratio distribution to ensure that the whole machine has three working gears at choice to ensure operating reliability and flexibility.

3.The extern ring gear adopted features high transmitted torque, larger blade cutting angle, and better material handling capability and is especially useful while handling dry materials and clays.

4.Featuring simple operations and high impact resistance against external forces, it’s applicable for the working conditions with high operating volume and severe operating environment.

5.The full-hydraulic front wheel steering equipped features small turning radius and high mobility and flexibility.

6.The automatic leveling system can be additionally installed.


Model SG21-3
Engine model Cummins 6CTAA8.3-C215
Engine type In-line, water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection, turbocharged
Rated power/speed 160 kW/2200 rpm
Number of cylinders (bore x stroke) 6 (114 x 135 mm)
Minimum fuel consumption 202 g/kW·h
Gear 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Forward 0~5.4 km/h 0~9.4 km/h 0~12.2 km/h 0~20.5 km/h 0~25.4 km/h 0~39.7 km/h
Reverse 0~5.4 km/h 0~12.2 km/h 0~25.4 km/h
Steering system Type 17.5-25PR14
Optional tire 17.5-25PR14
  Minimum turning radius 8200 mm
  Front wheel tilting angle ±17°
Front wheel steering angle ±45°
Service brake 4-wheel pliers-pan brake, full hydraulic, foot brake
Brake system Parking brake Hand brake with ratchet wheel
Total Weight 17000 kg
Blade length 3660/3965/4270 mm
Blade height 635 mm
Blade rotational angle 360°
Cutting angle adjustment range 44~91°
Maximum cutting depth 500 mm
Cutting force per dozing 25.96/24.47/22.95 kN/m
Maximum lift above ground 440 mm
Working pump Tandem pump
Displacement of working pump 28*2ml/r
Working hydraulic pressure 16 MPa