RXG series Forklift

Forklifts are industrial vehicles that often feature a power-operated forked platform. The power can be supplied from an electric battery or a combustion engine. This platform is attached at the front of the vehicle and can be lowered or raised to move or lift cargo. In addition to this, other vital components of a forklift include the truck frame, counterweight, carriage, and mast.


Today, forklifts can be found in a great array of storage facilities and warehouses. Below is a quick look at the most common types of forklifts:


  • Electric Forklifts
  • Gas/Dual Fuel Forklifts
  • Diesel Forklifts

The quality of our forklift has been recognized by our customers.


Forklifts truck with hydraulic transmission are widely used in the port, wharf, industrial and mining enterprises, station, warehouse and others. The quality of our forklift has been recognized by our customers.


Model Unit CPCD50-RXG53 CPCD70-RG41
Rated capacity/rated load Q (kg) 5000 7000
Load centre distance c (mm) 500 600
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork x (mm) 555 605.5
Rear overhang mm 560
Wheelbase y (mm) 2100 2300
Service Weight kg 6850 9300
Axle loading, laden front/rear kg 10450/1400 14900/1400
Axle loading, unladen front/rear kg 3000/3850 4060/5240
Tyres: solid rubber, superelastic, pneumatic, polyurethane pneumatic
Tyre size, front 300-15-18PR 8.25-15-14PR
Tyre size, rear 7.00-12-12PR 8.25-15-14PR
Wheels,number front rear (x = driven wheels) 4x/2
Tread, front b10 (mm) 1190 1489
Tread, rear b11 (mm) 1130 1460
Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward/backward α/β(°) 2245 6/12
Height, mast lowered h1 (mm) 160 2500
Free lift h2 (mm) 3000 160
Lift h3 (mm) 4365 3000
Height, mast extended h4 (mm) 2250(2290*) 4407
Height of overhead guard (cabin) h6 (mm) 3215 2340
Seat height h7 (mm) 1280
Coupling height h10 (mm) 450
Overall length l1 (mm) 4840
Length to face of forks l2 (mm) 1490 3640
Overall width b1(mm) 1070x150x50 1990
Fork dimensions ISO 2331 s/e/l (mm) 170 65×150×1200
Fork carriage DIN 15173, class/type A, B Ⅳ A
Fork-carriage width b3 (mm) 1700
Ground clearance, laden, below mast m1 (mm) 230 170
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 (mm) 2810 270
Turning radius Wa (mm) 3365 3330
“Min. right angle stacking aisle width(Add load length and clearance)” mm -/26
Travel speed, laden/unladen km/h 0.380/- -/26
Lift speed, laden/unladen m/s 0.500/- 0.360/-
Lowering speed, laden/unladen m/s 39100/- 0.450/-
Drawbar pull, laden/unladen N 20/-
Gradeability, laden/unladen % XINCHAI/4D35ZG31-003 20/-
Engine manufacturer/type CN Stage III CHINA/YC4A115Z
Emission STD 60
Engine power according to DIN ISO 1585 kw 2200 85
Rated speed min 4/3470 2200
Number of cylinders/displacement (-)/(cm 3 ) 24/60 4/4836
Battery voltage/nominal capacity V/Ah 300/1500-1800
Rated torque N·m/r/min 98X105 Pin
Bore x stroke mm CHINA
Transmissions Manufacturer Powershift
Transmissions Type 43497
Stage FWD/RVS 180
Operating pressure for attachments bar 90 190
Fuel tank capacity liter
Drive: electric (battery or mains), diesel, petrol, fuel gas Diesel Diesel