Potato Harvester

Performance Overview: The product performance and high efficiency. Mainly used for harvesting potato,garlic, sweet potatoes, peanuts and other crops, underground stem. With a harvest of high efficiency, low breakage, running light and no vibration, no blocking grass, earth leakage fast, simple structure, long service life. The equipment has been approved by the State Patent Office, utility model and design patents.


Performance Overview:The product performance and high efficiency.Mainly used for harvesting potato,garlic,sweet potatoes,peanuts and other crops,underground stem.With a harvest of high efficiency,low breakage,running light and no vibration,no blocking grass,earth leakage fast,simple structure,long service life.The equipment has been approved by the State Patent Office,utility model and design patents.


Model 4U-600A 4U-650A
Linkage Rear suspension
Number of rows Single(throw)
Spacing(mm) 500~600
Productivity (mu/hr) 3~5
Working depth(mm) 200
Working width(mm) 600 650
Ming potato Rate(%) ≥96%
Loss rate(%) ≤2%
PTO Speed (RPM) 1000
Matched power(hp) 8-15 (Walking traction)
NW (kg) 80 88
Dimensions(mm) 900×700×700 900×750×700
Model 4U-800
Number of rows/performance Single(throw)
Spacing(cm) 80
Productivity(Mu/h) 3-5
Working depth(cm) 25
(Working width(m) 0.8
Ming potato Rate(%) ≥96
Popi rate(%) ≤2
PTO Speed(RPM) 560/1250
Matched power(hp) 25-65
Total mass(kg) 300
Dimensions(mm) 1800*1050*980
Packing size(mm) 1650*850*450