• Enhanced strength and stability
  • Better slope capability
  • Ball joint between spans to provide stress-free flex for smooth running on rough terrain
  • Excellent sealing capability with J type conduit


Illustration of the Pivots Structure











Specification of different parts of the Pivot

No. Item Specification
1 Center Point Raise pipe 6 5/8″ (168mm) and 8 5/8″ , Tower Legs: High Strength structural steel angles with HDG finishing.
2 Main Pipe OD=5”(127mm) or 6 5/8″ (168mm)or 8 5/8” (219mm) ,WT=3mm, 6m or 12m length which depends on span length configuration. American standards screw and nuts (3 points self-locking). Spacing between water outlets is 192cm or 288 cm which depends on customer’s requirement.
3 Span Length 37.5m, 43.3m, 49.1m, 54.9m and 60.7m length spans for selection. Ball joint span connections.
4 Tiers 14.9-24 irrigation tires, with inner tube
5 Cable  with aluminum shielding, UL certified.
6 Gear Motor 40:1, 0.75HP, or 25.5:1, 1.5HP for selection
7 Gear Box 50:1 or 52:1, American standard product.
8 Overhang 2.7m, 5.5m, 8.2m,11m, 16.5m, 19.5m, and 25m for selection
9 Sprinkler System Nelson D3000 or R3000,Komet KRT,Senninger I wob
10 Electrical Item Standard panel, with Tower Box and Collector Ring, main items includes Eagle percentage timer, Honeywell micro-switch, Schneider connectors, three second delay timer etc.

Specification of different spans

Specification of pipe Span Length (m) Spacing between outlets Minimum clean Hight Wet Weight
OD=6 5/8” (168mm)


HDG finishing

43.3 192cm or 288 cm 2.99 m 2580Kg
49.1 2.93m 2830Kg
54.9 2.86m 2080Kg
60.7 2.83m 3320Kg
OD=8 5/8” (219mm)


HDG Finishing

43.3 192cm or 288 cm 2.99m 3410Kg
49.1 2.93m 3770Kg