Paddy field Disc Plough

This heavy duty paddy field disc plough is especially used for paddy field. When working in paddy-field, it turned up soil to make soil upturned. Meanwhile, stubble of wheat and rice, and milk vetch are turned down and buried into the soil as the organic fertilizer of the filed.



Easy to operate and maintain;

Work with high efficiency with good quality during operation;

Process of welding: carbon dioxide jig welding;

This new designed disc plough with all parts strengthened comparing with regular model disc plough, is stronger and more stable in working.


Model Working width (mm) Working depth (mm) Number of disc Size of disc Matched power (hp)
1LYT-225 950 100 5 22″×5mm 30-40
1LYT-226 1200 6
1LYT-245 1200 150 5 24″x5mm 50-60
1LYT-246 1390 6
1LYT-247 1490 7
1LYT-265 1400 180 5 26″×5mm 80-120
1LYT-266 1550 6
1LYT-267 1750 7
1LYT-268 1940 8