Manure Spreader of Type 2FGH-3H

Manure Spreader of Type 2FGH-3H is one of the small and medium tractor-drawn manure spreader, specializing in spreading muck manure such as chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, etc. This manure is driven by tractor.

The manure muck can be spread evenly and finely.

High work efficiency, labor saved a lot.


When the manure spreader works, it is easily to connect your tractor. This manure is easy to operate and maintenance with simple structure.

Different type of muck manure like chicken manure, cow dung and others can be spread evenly.

The output of manure spreader can be adjusted following clients’ requirements.

It can be widely used in farming land, orchard, garden, etc.

Customized types are supported.


Model Cubage Working width Max.Load capacity Matched tractor Hp weight Size Tyre No.
2FGH-3H 3m³ 2-4m 2400kg 40-70HP 1030kg 4.63*1.7*1.88m 11L-15