Manure Spreader

Manure Spreader of type 2FGB-8YA is mostly used for base fertilizer spreading. As well as seed manure in meadow and large farm land.

They have a great performance in spreading different types of fertilizer. Such as organic-fertilizer, green manure and others.


The output of manure spreader can be adjusted following clients’ requirements.

Stable operation of the machine will be guaranteed for the reducer works step by step. It can work with granular fertilizer and power fertilizer based on decelerating conditions.

The wide tyres on the manure help the manure spreader to performance well.

The radiator device equipped with the machine is to ensure heat out.


Model Cubage weight Matched tractor HP Working width Dimension Max.Load capacity
2FGB-8YA 8m³ 1900kg 80-130hp 8-18m 5.77*2.16*2.27M 8000kg