Maize Harvester

This type of maize harvester has to work with tractors. It has been designed for the multifunction of harvesting corn, stage, transporting and stalk processing and storage as well as cornhusker.


This types of harvester can work with both single cylinder and multi – cylinder tractors.

Different types for 2 rows or three rows, what’s more , extra storage and cornhusker can be customized following customers’ requirements.

High work efficiency, especially for the large maize farmers.

Easy to operate and nearly zero maintenance cost.

Perfect after-sale service supported by our local engineers


model DNY-152S DNY-252M DNY-503M
Applicable crop Maize Maize Maize
Matched power ≥15hp single cylinder  tractor ≥25hp multi cylinder tractor 50-60hp multi cylinder tractor
Working width(cm) 50-80 50-80 50-80
Working rows 2 2 3
Stubble height(cm) 6 6 6
Working efficiency(acres/h) 4-5 4-5 6-8
Weight (kg) 500 560 650
Header width(mm) 1300 1300 1700