Hay Bayler


9YG-1.1/1.25 baler is a large round baler suitable for large plot. It is matched with wheeled tractors over 73.5kw (100 hp) and is operated by tractor driver. This baler is mainly used for harvesting crop stalks such as pasture, rice, wheat and maize. It is also suitable for silage or slashed long straw. This baler can automatically pick up the straws laid in the field, and go through the feeding, chopping, roll forming, and wrap operations, which makes the loose straws enveloped into a neat cylindrical bale.



1.The picker and the shredding device can be interchanged according to the actual working conditions.

2.Multi-row knifes and the hammer claw are used for mutual cutting, so that the straw shredding effect is better,which meets the feeding and power plant requirements.

3.New integrated rotary feeder has better shredding and feeding ability while minimizing the load of the machine;

4.Once the feeding system is blocked, the feeding bottom plate can be opened by terminal control handle so as to remove blocks.

5.High-density one-time forming steel bars and high-strength chains ensure high-density bales.

6.Advanced baling technology not only shortens the netting period, but also makes the bales more strong and beautiful.

7.Terminal control handle in the cab could complete all functions manually.

8.Equipped with self-lubricating system which saves time and ensures the service life of the chain

9.According to different customer needs, Internet remote controller could be selected, which can monitor baler operation information, geographical information and other parameters online, and can push after-sales service through mobile APP. The most outstanding advantages is remotely shut down the baler to provide a more convenient and fast operating experience for customers



Name 9YG-1.1 (911M) 9YG- 1.25 (913M )
Length (mm) 3760 3870
Width ( mm) 2300 2700
Height ( mm) 2120 2480
Weight(kg) 2340 3000
Tyre Model 400/60-15.5 400/60-15.5
Working width ( mm) 1844 ( Extended 2077 ) 1844 ( Extended 2077 )
Pickup height ( mm) 1844 (Extended2077 ) 1844 ( Extended2077)
Overload protection Belt overload sip Belt overload sip
No: of Steel roller 16 18
Feeding base plate remove Hydraulic Hydraulic
Cut Integated rotary cut+6 fixed knives Integrated rotary aut+6 fxed knives
Fixed knives lift control Hydraulic Hydraulic
Bale diameter width ( mm) Φ1100×1250  1250×1250
Wrap Automatic wrap Automatic wrap
Bale density control Hydraulic Hydraulic
Clutch torque ( Nm) 1500 2000
Working speed ( km/h) 4-8 4-8
Power ( kW) ≥66 (90hp) ≥73.5 ( 100hp)
PTO shaft ( rpm) 540 540
Light and voltage(V ) 12 12
Max pressure ( MPa) 12 12
Working pressure ( MPa) 8 8