Power Trowel

Power Trowel is an equipment used for most areas of concrete straightening.

It can be widely used in construction of warehouses, parking lots, squares, airports and buildings for pulping and screeding.


It’s an extra-strong machine, designed to allow a perfect finish of the concrete

Trowel is an easy to use machine while finishing off the concrete that you have poured. Reducing the manual labor with this device you can cover more ground in the same given time on a job comparing with walk- behind trowel.

Powered by gasoline engine equipped with eight blades that finish off the concrete slabs with ease.

Mechanism type steering system with rapid response and easy control.


Model JH80-2 JH-100
Matched power(hp) 14 24
Diameter(mm) 1680 2320
Speed(rpm) 60~160 70~150
Number of Blade (pcs) 8 8
Blade size (mm) 150*270*2.0 450*150/460*200
Disc Size(mm) 815 960
N.W.(kg) 230 380
Size 1700*840*880 2420*1240*1250