Booster Pump

SB single suction maintenance-free centrifugal pump is a new energy saving product which has unique structure and advanced technology. It has advantage of widly performance, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, low noise, long lifetime and so on, which is according with JB/T53058.


1.This series pump is horizontal type, perfect appearance is brought by the whole structure of pump and motor.

2.Pump inlet is horizontal, the discharge pipe is upright and no need bend pipe to achieve convenient installation.

3.Excellent hydraulic model for impeller assures high efficiency. Stable operation is brought by precise dynamic and static balance inspection.

4.Bellows special mechanical seals designed to ensure the use of compensatory and sealing ring on the shaft without wear, guarantee a clean and tidy environment. Special waving pipe design for mechanical seal assures the seal and compensation, what is no abrasion to shaft and keep clean working condition.

5. Parallel connectionand in seriesoperation method and enlarge pipe diameter can meet for usage.


No. Type Capacity(m3/h) Head (m) Speed(r/min) Motor power(kW) Weigh(kg)
1 SB80-200A 50    40  2900    11   187
2 SB125-160A 160    26   2900    18.5   280
3 SBH65-160 22    30   2900    4   90
4 SBH65-160 27    30   2900    4   90
5 SBH50-160A 12    22   2900    2.2   65
6  SBH80-160 34    35   2900    7.5   126


1.SB pump is for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high building tower pressurized water supply, garden spray, fire fighting pressurization, pipelien pressurization, far distance water transportation, bathroom hot water pressurization. For pumping water that the physical and chemical is similar to water and other liquids. SB pump application temperature ≤80 °C.

2.SBH pump applies for food industry, pharmaceuticals, wine frield that to pumping corrosive medium, according to the different application requirements, liquid passing parts can use stainless steel, copper alloys and so on. The accepted temperature is .-20℃~+105℃