Automatic Block making machine

The frame of this automatic block making machine is made of thick square steel.

It being equipped with high-quality shock absorber and resisting material for its inside sleeves.

Easy to operate, low cost for maintenance, work with high efficiency.


Advantages of this automatic block making machine:


The ideal choice for small and medium factory because of low cost.

Save more electric power with electric controlling comparing to the traditional block making machine.

Different mould can be changed anytime.

The machine can work all around the year with no limit of environment and working space.

Easy to operate with simple production process


Model QTJ4-40 QMY4-45
Weight(kg) 1500 1000
Packing size(mm) 1580*1100*2500 1700*1500*1550
Mold(mm) 390*190*190/390*240*190/





Quantity of molded bricks 4pcs/3pcs/8pcs/9pcs/21pcs 4PCS/3PCS/6PCS
voltage 380 380
capacity 3000~4000pcs 3000~4000PCS