Camco Group Managing Mr. Li Tie attended the China-Zambia Trade and Investment Forum and Presided Over the Agricultural Forum


From September 28th to 29th, 2022, the China-Zambia Economic, Trade and Investment Forum was grandly held at the Mulungushi International Conference Center in Lusaka, which was built with Chinese aid. The forum was jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Zambia and the Zambian Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry. The theme of China-Zambia economic and trade investment is: all-weather, all-round, high-quality”. Mr. Li Tie, the Managing Director of Camco Group, presided over the agricultural forum.

The forum has meeting on agriculture, mining, emerging industries and other fields. After the opening ceremony of the forum, 5 parallel sub-forums were held simultaneously, including China-Zambia mining development cooperation, exploring China-Zambia cooperation in emerging industries and promoting China-Zambia agricultural cooperation. It has provided a broad platform for in-depth discussions on China-Zambia cooperation. In addition to the parallel forums, the activities between business and business and between business and government have been carried out, which has established a communication platform between enterprises to communicate and created opportunities to solve problems during operation. Camco Equipment (Zambia) Ltd., and Camco Motor attended the China-Zambia Economic and Trade Forum.

The agricultural sub-forum hosted by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Zambia was successfully held on the afternoon of September 28th, with the theme of strengthening China-Zambia agricultural cooperation. The agriculture sub-forum has invited the Minister of Agriculture of Zambia, and attracted many farms, agricultural products processing enterprises, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery related enterprises in Zambia to learn about agricultural policies, exchange and share experiences, and discuss the future development path and China-Zambia agricultural cooperation.

Mr. Li Tie, the Chairman of Camco Equipment (Zambia) Ltd. and also the Chairman of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Zambia, presided over the agricultural sub-forum. Mr. Eng Bernard Chiwala, Marketing Director of Camco Equipment (Zambia), discussed with the guests on how to realize agricultural mechanization.

Camco Equipment (Zambia) Ltd. exhibited Lovol tractors, Weichai generator sets, Shantui motor graders, Longking loaders, Weiteng concrete mixers, Roadway rollers, Wuzheng tricycles, and Ruirong aerators pump etc. Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Du Xiaohui and President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia visited the outside stand of Camco Equipment. Mr. Li Tie, Chairman of Camco Group, and Camco Marketing Director Mr. Eng Bernard Chiwala introduced the equipment to the president.