On 18th April 2020, Camco Equipment (Z) Ltd joined the rest of the world in the fight against the Covid19 Pandemic. In a joint effort to fight the pandemic, Camco Equipment (Z) Ltd donated Knapsack sprayers, hand wash buckets and hand sanitizers to Kanyama constituency. The donation was received by The Minister of Gender, Hon. Elizabeth Phiri, MP for Kanyama constituency.

Camco Equipment (Z) Ltd donated assorted goods worth K126,350 to selected other Government institutions. Among the institutions Camco donated to where Chilanga District council, Munali Constituency, Chawama Constituency and other government offices. The goods donated included Knapsack sprayers, hand wash buckets and hand sanitizers, Camco also donated several Foot operated hand washing facilities designed to prevent hand contact with the buckets and taps on the facility.

Further, Kanyama Constituency MP. Hon. Elizabeth Phiri also said this donation by Camco Equipment will help her constituency to go a long way because it will not only be used to fight COVID 19, but will extend to the fight against other diseases in the country. The Honourable Minister said the sprayers will help in spraying the bus stations, buses and markets in her constituency as it encompass the COMESA market. Hon. Elizabeth Phiri thanked CAMCO for the support rendered and wished CAMCO to prosper in every business aspects.

The honorable Minister was speaking last week at the Handover ceremony where CAMCO Group Chairman Mr Lie Tie, CAMCO Group Directors and Managers handed over a donation of assorted items in an effort to fight the pandemic. “As CAMCO Group we respond to the outbreak of COVID-19 and our thoughts are with the people affected and the medical professionals working around the clock to help those most in need.” Said the Group Chairman.

CAMCO Group Chairman Mr. Lie Tie further said “CAMCO stood together with the government over combating the COVID-19, which had also like many other countries in Africa and world at large. This is the obligation we have taken on with pride for over 22 years that we have operated. We commend governments continued efforts to intensify control and preventive measures.” We are encouraged by commitment and resolve to deal with this pandemic right from the Head of State all the way through all rank and file of government, civil society and other general populace. If are to win the fight against Covid-19 we all have to play a part. Said the Group Chairman, Mr Lie Tie.

Further, CAMCO Group Chairman Mr. Lie Tie said there is a new direction which requires all of us to be wearing face masks in public. It is my hope that all will follow such directives for the good of everybody. Let us all follow the rules that are being pronounced every now and then, these are meant to protect us all. Finally it is my hope that these donations can make a difference to the people and societies we serve, now and in the future.

Mr. Lie Tie said CAMCO Group was confident that the donated equipment would go a long way in improving the safety of everybody in the public working environments and hoped that the donations will be put in full use in fighting this pandemic. He also urged everyone to ensure that they follow strictly the prevention guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and other relevant authorities.